Monday, January 5, 2009

Employment opportunity - Chief of Staff for State Representative Tony Payton Jr.

Chief of Staff for State Representative Tony Payton Jr.

Tony Payton is hiring a chief of staff. The job is based in Philadelphia but requires you to travel to Harrisburg from time to time. If you have a desire to help people and are interested in public policy feel free to email a resume and cover letter to or call him at 215-744-7901.

Chief of Staff for the 179th Legislative District Job Description:

- General oversight and management of both district offices.
- Partake in and oversee the implementation of constituent services.
- Maintain and expand upon relationships within the community.
- Maintain and expand upon relationships with the social service entities, community groups, and businesses community.
- Maintain and expand current initiatives which the Office of Representative Tony Payton Jr. coordinates such as the Frankford CSI and the Domestic Violence Task Force.
- Develop and provide oversight for the enactment of the numerous district-wide events such as senior, health, college and job fairs.
- Create the agenda and hold staff meetings once per week.
- Develop, research, and pilot legislation on behalf of the Representative Payton.
- Track the status of Representative Payton's pending legislation.
- Assign and staff the various community meetings throughout the district.
- Develop and write press releases.
- Develop and author op-ed articles for periodicals and the newspaper.

Desired Qualifications
- Bachelor's degree or significant related work experience with additional favorable consideration for work experience in governmental policy field.
- Knowledge of the legislative process and issues concerning legislation affecting Pennsylvania.
- Have excellent verbal skills public speaking abilities.
- Strong legislative research ability.
- Ability to effectively engage with and build alliances within the community.
- Proven excellent written and oral communication skills.
- Ability to work effectively as a team player and individual performer to meet strict deadlines.
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