Thursday, October 25, 2007

Intern at the Institute for Responsible Citizenship

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The Institute for Responsible Citizenship is currently accepting applications for its summer programs in Washington , DC and New York City . The program in Washington focuses on public service, with most
participants interested in careers in law, politics, and business. The New York City program focuses on career achievement and citizenship in the financial services industry.

Washington Program Details

Each summer, twenty-four of the most promising black male college sophomores in the country are given the chance to intern in the nation's capital while taking rigorous classes at Georgetown University . The courses in government and economics are designed to provide these young men with the skills necessary to critically analyze the world's problems while adhering to a deep respect for civil liberties. When the students are not in class or at work, they are often called upon to attend social functions designed to help them network in their field. Personal meetings with such leaders as Colin Powell, John Lewis, and Clarence Thomas are made possible by the intimate nature of the program.

The program runs from the first Sunday in June to the last Saturday in July and is a two-summer commitment (accommodations are made for students on the quarter system). During their first summer, students' primary responsibilities outside of their internships are their academic courses. The following summer, in addition to their internships, mentorship with the latest cohort of Institute students and professional development become priorities. Tuition and housing are paid for by the Institute, while students are expected to pay for their transportation and food. In addition, those not placed in paid internships will receive a stipend in the amount of $3000. You should be a sophomore to apply, however, juniors are considered if they are committed to attending graduate or professional school directly following their senior year.

The average GPA for participants is a 3.65. A competitive applicant will have a strong GPA along with a track record of service to others.

Financial Services Program Details

The Institute for Responsible Citizenship is excited to announce a new program in conjunction with KPMG, one of the foremost accounting firms in the country. This year, KPMG was ranked among the top 100 companies to work for by Fortune Magazine, and ranked 37th among large-size companies. More information about KPMG can be found at http://www.kpmgcare Twelve black male college sophomores will be selected to take part in this year's program. The program runs from the first Sunday in June until the last Saturday in July.

Students selected for this opportunity will spend the summer in New York City and work at the company's headquarters for eight weeks. The twelve young men will live together in housing provided for program participants. Students will be placed in the departments of Audit, Tax, or Advisory Services and be paired with a high-level executive to work with for the summer. Exemplary performance will be rewarded with an invitation to return for a second summer and possibly result in full-time employment following graduation.

Other program highlights

· Salary of $21 per hour, while working full-time

· Laptop provided for duration of program

· Possible international travel

· Seminar series for academic credit

Students majoring in Finance, Accounting, or Management Information Systems with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or better should send their applications in right away.

More information about both programs, along with the application, can be found on the web at http://www.i4rc. org/programs. htm.

The application deadlines are:

Early Decision - November 1

Regular Decision - February 1

Inquiries should be directed to or (202)
659-2831. Those considering applying are highly
encouraged to review the website in detail.

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