Monday, October 8, 2007

New Leadership of the Philadelphia Congress


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New Leadership of the
Philadelphia Congress of the National Congress of Black Women, Inc. Victorious In Recent Court Decision

RE: The Philadelphia Congress of the

National Congress of Black Women vs. Veronica Florence McPherson and Wachovia Bank S.C. #: 07-07-20-6336 H.D.: September 7, 2007

Prior to a November 2006 organizational election three former officers of the Chapter without authorization of the membership and other seated officers, withdrew funds and closed the organization’s account. Based on testimony and evidence presented at a hearing held September 7, 2007 in Philadelphia Municipal Court, Judge Norton Krase ruled “considering the totalality of the circumstances, the withdrawal of the money by the former second vice chair was irresponsible and not in conormity with the internal structure of said organization. Further it should be recorded that on January 15, 2007 , Ms. De Shields, the new Philadelphia Chair received a letter from the National Chair of The National Congress of Black Women, Inc., congratulating her on being elected Chair for the years 2007-2009. This action by the National Organization further strengthened the Plaintiff’s case. The Court is of the opinion that the conduct and acts of the defendants were arbitrary, capricious and unreasonable. Therefore judgment for the Plaintiff against both Defendants, jointly and severally, in the amount of Three Thousand, Two Hundred Sixty –six dollars and sixty nine cents ($3,266.69) plus attorney fees of Seven Hundred and Fifty Dollars ($750.00) and court cost of One Hundred and Fourteen dollars ($114.00).

The National Congress of Black Women formerly, the National Political Congress of Black Women was founded 23 years ago by the Honorable Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm and Dr. C. Delores Tucker, two of the most dynamic and visionary African American women of the 20th Century. Onah C. Weldon served as the Philadelphia Chair for over twenty years. Upon her passing she was succeeded by the then First Vice-Chair, Tahiya McCoy Nyahuma.

In light of the November 2006 election recognition by the organizations National body and the judges decision, Jacqui De Shields has the distinct honor and charge of continuing this historical legacy of outstanding leadership by serving as Chair of the esteemed only Philadelphia Flagship Chapter of the National Congress of Black Women, Inc. Members across the city are excited by her leadership and pleased with the judges ruling.

Do not be confused when you see or hear Onah C. Weldon, Dr. C. DeLores Tucker’s name used by any other organization just be assured they are not in any way connected to the Philadelphia Congress of the National Congress of Black Women.

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